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Founded in 2007, GFT Gaming Crack Technology Co., Ltd. is a research, development, production and sales company specializing in high quality game console jamming products. Now there are 150 researchers specializing in in-depth vulnerability analysis of various game consoles, and explore the most effective cheating products and skills to win. We have a wealth of technical experience in fishing games and connecting slot machines. Over the years, we have been updating the most effective products and matching the best service to treat each new and old. customer.

Our full range of game consoles are equipped with the most advanced alarm chips. You don't have to worry about using the company's products to trigger the installation of third-party alarms in the store, which completely guarantees every player. The actual safety of friends.

The company has a modern R & D base and a dust-free anti-static production workshop. It has an internationally advanced complete automatic STM bonding equipment, which realizes the precise welding process of the jammer board and adopts strict process control inspection. 100% ensures that we are thousands Fish technology produces the reliability of the quality of the game machine jammer product.

So far, our main projects are: fishing game machine jammer, Journey to the hegemony press remote control, slot machine cracker, slot full disk controller, 777 spindle slot machine interference package win device, bird and animal betting machine remote control, wheel There are a variety of casino physical machines, such as disc game machine jammers, and I also have the same popular 918kiss, mega888, joker, newtown, gw99, suncity, rollex11, playboy, pussy888 and other mobile phone gambling discs in Online Casino. The corresponding BIG WIN and SUPER BIG WIN vulnerability packages win the plug-in products.
Today, in the prevalence of gambling games, we at Thousand Fish Technology are also committed to providing personalized customization services for all the friends who love to play the machine.