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My name is Sam (a pseudonym). I grew up in a poor rural area. The clearest memory of my childhood was to mix money with my friends to play video games in the game hall in the town, because I was considered a bad child by my family and relatives. I grew up day by day, but I still can't forget the scene when I went to the game hall to play games with my friends, which made me vivid! Nowadays, the game halls that have passed through the time have not existed. The friends who played at that time have already gone their separate ways to live. I have a hobby that I like to study and reasoning. I want to understand how it works and how to control it when I encounter something that is incredible. Maybe I have a strong desire for possession and control. My story about the game console should start from when I first went to work in the city. Because the family is relatively poor, I have to go to work in the city to earn money to subsidize the family. The money I earned for the first time was also at the same time. I went to the fishing game machine. I started to be addicted to entertainment, and the money I earned from working was also lost. After many losses, I found a way to win a lot of fishing games and slot machines, and now I will share it for free.

The cheating technique of the fishing machine: The 1000-gun machine starts with 600 guns. If the machine is playing for eight people, it will use 300 guns to fish. This way your winning percentage is relatively high, these are soft methods. Really violent and steady way, please add WeChat 48988650 to me to pass the video to you, then you will understand more!

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